August 30, 2006


Donald Rumsfeld invoked Hitler yesterday in clear violation of Godwin's Law. I was all set to mock, then I did a quick Google. As of this moment, 35,300 pages mention them together, so I guess Don has been beating the ol' Nazi horse for a little longer than a day.

Speaking to the American Legion's annual convention in Salt Lake City, Rumsfeld warned against "moral and intellectual confusion." He said that "some seem not to have learned history's lessons" as the nation confronts new threats. He did not mention any names.

"It seems that in some quarters, there is more of a focus on dividing our country than acting with unity against the gathering threats."

Rumsfeld recited what he called the lessons of history, including the failure to confront Adolf Hitler in the 1930s. He quoted Winston Churchill as observing that trying to accommodate Hitler was "a bit like feeding a crocodile, hoping it would eat you last."

"I recount this history because once again we face similar challenges in efforts to confront the rising threat of a new type of fascism," he said.

If the right thing to do in the 1930's was to fight Hitler instead of negotiating, then clearly that is the right strategy for all situations in all times. Woe to the next motherfucker who cuts me off in traffic. I'm going D-Day on his ass.

Also according to the Trib article, Dick "Dick" Cheney "[accused] unnamed critics of 'self-defeating pessimism,' the second time in two days he used that description."

So the administration that had been looking for an excuse to invade Iraq at least since they took office in 2001 used the 9/11 attacks to give them political cover to cobble together a bullshit link between Saddam and bin Laden, then with virtually no international support* invaded and occupied the country with apparantly no plan on what to do after the first two weeks, committed an enormous but still-not-large-enough slice of our military might to a protracted, expensive, and bloody exercise in nation building to try to make a democracy out of a bunch of people who hate us and each other - that administration is not responsible for any bad outcomes from what they did. It's the self-defeating Nazi-sympathizing critics who are to blame.

If you don't agree with every unnecessary war the neocons want to get us into, then you're a Nazi appeaser. And if you ever criticize that war, you're responsible for it's failure.

But the Republicans aren't questioning anybody's patriotism here.

* I didn't forget Poland.

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August 20, 2006

This has got to be a joke

Surely this is a put-on. If I wanted to make Christians and anti-feminists look bad, I would start a blog and write what this guy writes. But I know I couldn't do it half as well as the estimable Verlch.

Start off with the blog's subtitle:

Join The Largest Group set against the lefts Brain Washing of the West's women, to leave their homes, children and husbands, to work for and pay taxes (in some cases abort the most helpless amoung us) to the Corporate Machine.

Inconsistent capitalization: check
Inconsistent use of the apostrophe: check
Misspelled words: check
General incoherence: check

I like a subtitle like that. It sets the tone, lets us know what we can expect. Now there is a whole lot to be enjoyed here, so let's just use one entry as an example. Take this gem.

Until you have watched your house, become her house, your kid, become your every two week kid, don't trip on Nice Guy because you don't think he can get girls.

Yes, I think, we all know, what, that is, like. But I did trip on Nice Guy once. I apologized. He was cool about it.

But finding a girl that fills your soul with joy in America is like finding a needle amongst needles.

Finding a needle amongst needles? I think he's implying it would be difficult. But if you've already got a bunch of needles then wouldn't it be a trivial task to find one? Maybe once you get to a certain level of batshit crazy it's not so easy. Maybe you don't even have any needles but are instead sitting at a table in McDonald's, rummaging through your fries, muttering dire oaths under your breath about finding the damned needle, until frightened patrons tell the cashier to call the police. Then you are picked up and involuntarily committed. And just try grabbing a needle while straight jacketed. It hovers six inches from your nose, but every time you lunge at it, it recedes just as quickly. Cruel, wicked needle, taunting us so.

There are women the world over, probably 87% of them that would date me, make me babies and treat me like a king for my truck!!!

Well, I estimate that 94% of the world's women would date me, make me babies, and treat me like an emperor for my wireless router! (!!) But I don't like to brag.

AW [American Women, I think] are prone to the lazy pill.

Gee, I'm starting to get the idea that this guy is a little bitter because he only meets women from the 13% who, inexplicably, won't date him, make him babies, or treat him like a king for his truck. I mean, have they seen the truck? How can you not make a baby for a man who drives a truck like that? You think they sell that kind of truck to just anybody who walks through the door with enough money? What do you mean they do? Take that back! And get your creepy feminist hands away from my needle! Mother told me about all the nastygerms you girls carry! Unclean! Unclean!

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August 07, 2006

Too good to be true

How did I miss the fact that Batshit-American and U.S. Representative Cynthia "Crazy C." McKinney (D-Nuts) may lose in her primary run-off tomorrow? That would be a welcome bit of good news.

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Tax Me! Please!

See, this is why I don't make yet another announcement that this blog is defunct. Every time I think I've nothing left to say, something drags me back here...

I live in the 6th Congressional District of Illinois, and my Representative is Henry Hyde (R). Hyde is retiring after this term, and the Democratic challenger for his seat, wounded Iraq war vet and double amputee Tammy Duckworth, has received a lot of publicity. There. I've just told you everything I know about Ms. Duckworth.

The other day I got a mailer from the Republican candidate, State Senator Peter Roskam. He is a partner at some ambulance chasing law firm. The mailer was like a parody of a Karl Rove operation.

"Liberal Democrat Tammy Duckworth wants to RAISE YOUR TAXES!!!!!!" It ran some quote from her in which she said something about rolling back the Bush tax cuts.

And I never thought I'd say this, but... THANK GOD. We absolutely need to get back to the idea of paying as we go instead of borrowing from China to finance our government. (You don't think the fact that without Chinese investment in government bonds we couldn't afford to run the country might tend to give the Chinese some leverage over us, do you?)

Also, memo to Roskam, Rove, and the rest of the GOP: The word "liberal" is not magic. You can't just throw it at someone and expect us to forget you're completely without principle and have been busily fucking up every thing you've touched for years now. I'm voting for Duckworth in November, and you know why? Because she's not a Republican.

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