September 08, 2004

They Just Don't Get It

The reason the Swift Boat Vets for Truth charges have dogged Kerry is that they go to the heart of the only reason (besides the fact that he is not George W. Bush) he has offered us as to why we should vote for him: He was a big hero in Vietnam. The Vets' charges about what Kerry did in Vietnam and after he came home are not just personal attacks, they are attacks on the core of Kerry's argument (such as it is) that he should be president.

Oliver Willis and others hope that Kitty Kelley's new book on the Bush family will have an effect on Bush's campaign like the SwftVets' book has had on Kerry's. In the book, it is alleged that Bush did a number of bad things before he sobered up and found religion.

No shit! Really? That would be extremely interesting if he hadn't already admitted as much, and if he were running for reelection based on what he was doing in 1970. We already know he was a feckless drunk who probably did drugs and enjoyed a fun but unaccomplished life as George H. W. Bush's son. This isn't going to come as a shock to anybody.

No matter how much the media flog this story - and they are going to beat it like a speed freak playing whack-a-mole - it's not going to help Kerry. And they aren't going to understand why.

Posted by Mr Green at September 8, 2004 09:25 PM

Bravo man.. you just explained in a paragraph what 2 million nitwit Dems won't ever understand. Yeah, Dubya was a dumb drunken rich kid, but he doesn't make the centerpiece of his campaign.

Posted by: frinklin at September 10, 2004 12:51 AM

Nitwit....very constructive!

Posted by: Nene at September 11, 2004 09:01 AM

Too bad Dan Rather didn't read this post--it might have saved him a lot of grief....

Posted by: Susie at September 18, 2004 03:45 PM

You are dead on, sir.


Posted by: hln at September 23, 2004 09:17 AM

The truth is what realy bothers the liberal so much i mean the truth to them is like a cross or garlic is to dracula they are afraid of it its a bother to them becuase when the truth gets out its realy devistating to their one sided views and i hope the swift boat vets bother kerry to no end

Posted by: lonsome loon at October 10, 2004 02:16 PM