October 15, 2006

Mark Steyn gets it

Or, I guess, Thomas Sowell gets it.

Thomas Sowell says the question for this election is not whether you or your candidate is Republican or Democrat but whether you're "serious" or "frivolous."

Absolutely. The Republicans are the party that brought us a War On Fags with their anti- gay marriage amendment, a War On Flag Burning, and a War On Super-Rich People Having To Pay Taxes. Meanwhile, North Korea has just gone nuclear and Iran is doing their damndest to follow suit while the third member of the Axis of Evil - you know, the one that we invaded because of all the nukes they didn't have - is worse for its citizens now than it was under Saddam with at least tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of Iraqis killed. That is all in addition to the thousands of Americans killed and tens of thousands wounded there, and all the families torn up because of people doing their third tour in Iraq.

Not to mention, of course, the gigantic federal debt, climate change, declining American competitiveness, stagnant real wages, or any of the other major problems we face.

These are serious times, we've got serious problems, and all the Republicans are interested in is maintaining themselves in power by bamboozling the gullible and easily led with their disingenuous bullshit. We need to throw the bums out and see if maybe the other guys aren't ready to get serious.

UPDATE: I guess I misread where Steyn was going. I should have finished the article before I posted.

In Connecticut, the contest is between a frivolous liberal running on myopic parochial platitudes and a serious liberal who has the measure of the times and has thus been cast out by the Democratic Party. His state's voters seem disinclined to endorse the official Dems' full-scale embrace of trivia and myopia. The broader electorate should do the same.

My mistake. I guess Steyn is full of shit.

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