April 27, 2004

Munu Mania!

I really, really need to write enough stuff that the amount of words on my blog that I myself have written exceeds the number of words needed to list the names of all the Munu blogs.

Attention non-Munu bloggers - resistance is futile.

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All those sick and tired of hearing about Vietnam, National Guard Service in the era of Vietnam, medals and/or ribbons won in Vietnam, medals and/or ribbons won in Vietnam which were or were not subsequently discarded in a protest of the war in Vietnam, the similarity or dissimilarity of the current Iraq situation to Vietnam, the ability or inability of various generations to understand and/or get over Vietnam, or anything else having to do with Vietnam, please signify by pretending to cough while yelling the word "blowjob" into your hand.

I'll bet the news media in Vietnam itself don't talk this effing much about Vietnam.

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April 06, 2004

Happy happy joy joy!

Jennifer Lopez's mother won a $2.4 million jackpot while playing $1 slots in Atlantic City last weekend.

Because that family hasn't gotten lucky enough already.

My version of a lucky day is if Mrs. Green and I make it through without being in an automobile accident, or getting diagnosed with some horrible ailment, or experiencing some bizarre gob of symptoms that can't be diagnosed, or losing a job, or having the upstairs neighbor's hot water tank burst and flood us, or having a wallet stolen, or having a family member die, or finding out that an employer fucked up taxable income calculations for some prior year that now requires filing a modified return and paying tax and interest, etc. Or even that not *too* many things like that happen all at once. That's an unusually good day for the Green family. For the Lopez family, it's winning a few extra million playing the slots.

Some days it's pretty fucking difficult keeping my sunny and cheerful disposition.

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