June 15, 2006

I am on Student Council

So today at work I was informed that I have been conscripted into service on my employer's version of student council. It is a forum for people with no authority to effect change and who are perceived as not having enough to do. Every two weeks they get together for the purpose of bitching about things that aren't problems and jockeying for the attention and approval of those with the actual power. They pretend to be working on problems, and management pretends to take them seriously. It's a colossal time-wasting circle jerk.

Why was I selected for this dubious honor? It's my turn in the barrel. I haven't had as much of this sort of jackassery as most of the others in my department, so now it's my turn. Also, I haven't exactly been lighting the world on fire with my work output recently. (Okay, ever.) If I were my boss and had to select someone for the booby prize, I'd pick me too.

Oh well. I'm a whore. If I'm gonna take the money, every once in a while I'm gonna have to toss a salad. Maybe I'll at least get out of it some amusing anecdotes to share with you, my loyal readers.

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