January 31, 2006

My new motto

I recently switched ISP's, and Comcast's spam filter does not work nearly as well as the Yahoo! spam filter. Today I checked my email and found a message with the subject, "Re: Always scrotum some Catholicism" sitting in my Inbox.

Initially I was irritated at such an obvious spam making it through the filter - really, if you're going to let "Always scrotum some Catholicism" through, then what's the point of having a filter at all? But as I meditated upon that line, I started to grasp its profundity. Yes. Always scrotum some Catholicism. Of course! Why didn't I see this sooner? Always scrotum some Catholicism!

With a subject like that, how can you go wrong with the hot stock tip contained in the body of the email? I'd tell you what stock it is, but clearly this is a direct message from the Lord to me. Otherwise it wouldn't have such a divinely inspired subject line. I think I'd better keep it secret. If He wants you to know, He'll tell you.

In the meantime: Always scrotum some Catholicism.

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