November 03, 2004

Up With Crazies!

Although batshit Republican Alan Keyes lost big in Illinois, crazy people still did pretty well in the election.

Georgia Democrat Cynthia "Crazy C" McKinney is being sent back to the House of Representatives by her constituents, apparently because having her in DC for a substantial portion of the year is preferable to having her walking the streets of Decatur all the time.

Loony Oklahoma Republican Tom Coburn, who has warned of the dangers of the rampant lesbianism in Oklahoma high schools, called for the death penalty for abortionists, and referred to Oklahoma state legislators as "crapheads", easily defeated Brad Carson. Carson was never able to shake lingering suspicion that he may be a Democrat.

And howling-mad Kentucky Republican Jim Bunning won despite widespread realization among... Kentuckyites? Kentuckers? 'Tuckies? Whatever. They knew he was nuts and re-elected him anyway. Bunning said his opponent, Dan Mongiardo, looked like one of Saddam Hussain's sons, claimed his wife was beaten up at a Mongiardo campaign event, and started traveling with a Kentucky state trooper because "there may be strangers among us".

Please join me in honoring these Insane-Americans for their achievements. Well done, one and all!

Posted by Mr Green at November 3, 2004 08:37 AM

We are known as Kentuckians. And yes, sadly, Bunning won. Lunacy prevails!

Posted by: Lindsey at November 3, 2004 11:41 AM

Oh yeah. I knew that. Duh.

Posted by: Mr. Green at November 3, 2004 01:37 PM