May 03, 2004

Ted Rall Sucks The Rigid Cock of Satan

If a million monkeys sat down with a million pads of paper and a million pencils, sooner or later one of them would scribble out the complete works of Shakespeare.

The other 999,999 would produce work that is still funnier, more cogent, and better-drawn than Ted Rall working at the peak of his abilities, such as they are.

Actually, if the monkeys just flung their feces at the paper, it would still compare favorably to Rall's entire body of work. Pat Tillman is dead and this idiotic, cackling ghoul is walking the earth, and if you can face that fact and still believe in a benevolent God then I tip my hat to you.

Posted by Mr Green at May 3, 2004 09:07 PM