December 12, 2003

Wedding Bells

This entry on the Independant Women's Forum observes that most of the women who have been in the news for killing their kids have not been married, and asks:

Couldn’t the spate of killer moms have something to do with the dissolution of the two-parent family?

Could be. Or perhaps the qualities that make you a murdering nutjob also tend to reduce the probability of someone choosing to marry you. (Or choosing to stay married to you.)

Posted by Mr Green at December 12, 2003 02:54 PM

Hmmm - it has always interested me that there is an inordinate amount of interest in "WHY" a woman will commit murder (of her family). Like - golly there must be some REASON or she wouldn't have done it. Yet when a man commits the same type of murder - no one seems to care WHY he did it or if there was a REASON. He's just some scum who offed his family - fry him.

I'd say - choose which way you want it. Either we try to be nice and find out why these people are so twisted and help them (if possible). Or we call them all scum and fry 'em. After all - everyone wants equality - right? Just a thought.

Posted by: Teresa at December 12, 2003 05:33 PM