September 20, 2003

All Is Forgiven

Purdue whipped the piss out of Arizona today, 59-7. Although they pulled their starters in the second half, Purdue still scored 5 second half touchdowns, 3 of which were on the ground. Arizona coach John Macovic was so mad after the game he refused to shake hands with Purdue coach Joe Tiller.

John - get a grip. Your opponent is not going to punt on first down, and it's not like Purdue was giving you onside kicks and fake field goals with their starters in the fourth quarter. If your opponent is not trying to run up the score and you still lose by 52, your problem is the man in the mirror and the players on your sideline. Dry your eyes and get ready for next week.


In other news, Notre Dame lost at home to Michigan State 22-16, marking MSU's fourth consecutive win in South Bend. Meanwhile Indiana snuffed it 34-17 against Kentucky. This marks the second weekend in a row that college football blessed me with a Purdue win and Notre Dame and Indiana losses.

Some people win the lottery; I get perfect college football Saturdays. Those poor bastards don't know what they're missing.

Posted by Mr Green at September 20, 2003 09:22 PM